Courts Marg on Marg Court

The tennis and wider community continue to band together in response to Margaret Court’s homophobic and extremely medieval thoughts on the LBGTI community. Today it has been reported that Court blames older lesbian tennis players for influencing younger stars stating that “Tennis is full of lesbians” and that they (Lesbian players in her day) “took young ones into parties and things.”

The debate continues around the renaming of the arena that recognises Court’s impressive tennis career and it’s creating a whole lot of cracking reading material on Twitter (my personal favourite is a particular tweet regarding the men’s toilets at the arena- I’ll let you find it).

It still baffles me that people have this mindset about the LGBTI community, like they’re predators or ‘sick’. Even my 70 year old semi-religious grandmother doesn’t think twice about whose loving who anymore. Granted this is thanks in large part to my best friend who is one of those men who like men (gasp!).

At first, she didn’t know how to behave and giggled a lot and got shy but now she realises he is who he is and his sexual preference does not define him as a person. He’s not the devil. He’s smart, he’s funny, he’s caring and he’s kind.

Margaret Court probably needs to expand her friend circle (my Nan is always free) and realise that in 2017 it’s ok to be different, in fact no one really cares.

Check out this fun little video from SBS Viceland on the topic if you feel inclined !



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Jobs Vs. Environment

Controversy in Queensland Parliament this week as Government members discuss the Adani Coal Mine proposal apparently splitting factions and causing a rift between government members.

I feel the rift highlights the reasons for factions in political parties which in my opinion means greater representation of a greater number of people within a collective group. It can also be seen as a weakness with some questioning the strength and legitimacy of our Government if it can’t internally agree on things.

It just makes me think about coal mining more and the benefits and repercussions. If the idea of a coal mine can split a political party then I’d say it’s something worth investigating.

Jobs versus the environment seems to be the crux of the divide and I can see both sides to this.

I’m all about the job creation for Queenslanders and for the revenue made by the State (perhaps it’ll bring down the cost of living?).

I’m also keen to protect the environment from this ‘dirty’ resource and protect the planet and the air I breathe. (Check out this activist group for more information).

I’m pleased Coal can be exported to countries who do not have the resources to use renewable energy which benefits children and families in developing countries.

I’m all about the people I elect causing a little controversy from time to time by disagreeing with their peers and sticking to what they believe.

For me, as long as the Government is transparent and goes by the book in terms of cultural heritage, land access and employment opportunities, a Coal Mine is something I can tolerate while looking towards a renewable energy future.

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